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315 Klahanie Court
West Vancouver, British Columbia
604 985 8636, 604-787-3097
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  • 13th Jan, 2020 - Jan-February cycle.An email was sent Monday, Jan 13, 2020, to all participants of the Jan-Feb cycle.Please let Lynn Broman know ASAP if you have had change of heart etc. Anyone that missed being included may send a note to Lynn Broman.Plenty of players coming back in and some new players as well as some taking a break. There may be some minor changes with late entries or dropouts. Plan early!. Tips from some of the…

  • 11th Jan, 2020 - Singles box ladder. December cycle closes Sunday, January 12th 2020. The new cycle begins the week of January 13th.  It will run for a month. Players returning to active box ladder play and those new to ladder play should send a note to Lynn Broman. LJBROMAN@SHAW.CA. Those without a ranking should have an assessment by club pros. Those who are currently in the box-ladder but missed a couple or more matches should send a note…

  • 31st Dec, 2019 - IHD resumes the week of January 6th. The schedule will be published in a day or two. New players to IHD welcome. Current players please check your schedule.   Send any notes to Lynn Broman LJBROMAN@SHAW.CA     Lynn Broman

  • 31st Dec, 2019 - December cycle ends Sunday, January 12th. New members welcome to join the Jan/Feb cycle.  Send a note to Lynn Broman. Those wishing to return after an absence, send a note to Lynn Broman. LJBROMAN@SHAW.CA   Lynn Broman

  • 29th Dec, 2019 - Doubles News.  Sunday, December 29, 2019. A highlight of the squash season is coming soon. The BC Jesters Doubles Squash Tournament is scheduled for February 5-9th, 2020 and hosted by the Vancouver Racquets Club. It’s a Jesters event so it will be first class. It’s a Jesters event so it will be unique. It’s a Jesters event so it will be full value. It’s a Jesters event so there will be starters at each venue…

  • 13th Dec, 2019 - December to January 12th cycle of Box Ladder Singles has been posted. All December cycle participants have been emailed. Those wishing to be added should send an email to Lynn Broman ASAP.   Lynn Broman  

  • 4th Oct, 2019 - Fresh sign up for In House Doubles. Clean slate.  Spring-Summer player list is GONE. The player list and the IHD email list is brand new. For the Fall-Winter Season IHD will be on: Mondays:  (5), 6, 7, 8 pm. Tuesdays:  5, 6, 7, 8 pm. Thursdays:  only 5 pm each week.  A few times when Ladies Doubles League is not hosted at Evergreen additional times will be used. Any notes of interest to Lynn Broman. …

  • 4th Oct, 2019 - Email was sent to all participants. The October box is up and running. Now to Sunday, November 3rd. There are 25 new players for October. Several of those are from Bentall.  Bentall has been hit by several disheartening events. Cathy, Thomas, and Lynn continue to work on adjusting erroneous rankings. There are more boxes this month than last month. If you judge how much you moved up or down in the boxes, do not focus…

  • 17th Aug, 2019 - Open Singles Box Ladder 2019 2020 A new season approaches and there will be a fresh start for the Open Singles Box Ladder for the 2019 2020 season. Note:  There will be NO rollover from previous boxes to the new season. A fresh start.  If you wish to play in the September box, send a note to LYNN BROMAN.  LJBROMAN@SHAW.CA.  Include “sign up Sept OSBL” in the subject line.  Sign up for September will close…

  • 12th Aug, 2019 - Evergreen’s Snuz U Luz Lost & Found Updated August 12, 2019. Evergreen has a lost and found service that hopes to reunite owners with belongings. But if you wait too long, it will be gone. Current inventory: Canucks baseball cap. Wrist band. Dark blue golf shirt. Racquet. Teamline TSR 100. Dark blue PJ Hoodie. 2016 San Fran long sleeve shirt. 2012 Sun and Surf white short sleeve shirt. Black cloth lunch box (lunch disappeared). Water…

  • 19th Jan, 2019 - Nigel Williams Founding member of Evergreen. Copied from North Shore News Nigel Gordon Williams   Sept 21, 1932 - Dec 14, 2018   Nigel will be fondly remembered as a kind, gentle, and generous man with a special twinkle in his eye!   He will be greatly missed by his partner of many years, Jean Ford; his four children, Glen (Kim), Jennifer (Robin), Cathy (Mike), and Lindy; their mother, Diana; his 10 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren;…

  • 20th Nov, 2018 - FAQs regarding Evergreen's expansion can be found HERE. Information sessions will be held December, 6th 6:45 - 8:15 pm and December 9th 1:30 - 3:00 pm.  The board and Expansion Committee will answer any questions you may have.  All members in good standing are then asked to attend the General Meeting on Wednesday, December 12th at 7:00 pm in the Club lounge to vote on the expansion.  Each member attending will be allowed to carry…

  • 30th Jun, 2019 - Signing up and dropping out of Open Singles Box Ladder. Our OSBL has an automatic opt-in. Members must take action to not be automatically included. On your SHQ HOME page on the left sidebar:                 See EVERGREEN SQUASH CLUB for a list of navigation links.                 See OPEN SINGLES BOX LADDER (EVERGREEN) The current box ladder is indicated by start and end dates. There are two statements below that, which are toggles to be included…

  • 7th Nov, 2017 - The November OSBL will be published later today (Tuesday November 7th). 1.  Receiving this email indicates you are included in the Nov box.If you do not wish to be included, send Lynn an email ASAP. 2.  It was unusual, but last month there were several Default matches recorded.Be reminded that Default ONLY applies to a match that is underway and a player retires due to injury.  In those cases the injured player is credited with…

  • 18th Jul, 2017 - Hi All Please see the link below for a few photos from the monumental 1000th Week of Round Robin. Thanks so much for your commitment to the club Dave O'B. Photos Here

  • 23rd Jun, 2016 -   John Burris Memorial Award: Cathy Covernton The John Burris Memorial Award is presented annually to a squash player who competes at the Open/A level and consistently demonstrates sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the court while maintaining a high level of play. Cathy Covernton is a singles and doubles squash player who avidly participates in leagues, tournaments and regular match play and has won numerous titles over the years at an A/Open level. She…

  • 23rd Jun, 2016 - President’s Plate Award: Lynn Broman & Rick Kochanski The President’s Plate is awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association. Rick and Lynn have been instrumental in ensuring the existing of the city doubles league. They have volunteered countless hours over the past 15+ years. They have been tireless in their scheduling, forming the teams, their communication to the community and working through rankings both in Quick-Draws and now with SportyHQ. They have…

  • 9th Jun, 2016 - On behalf of the board, I am very happy announce that for outstanding services to Evergreen, Rick “coach” Kochanski has been awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership at Evergreen Squash Club. When announced at the AGM, it was to huge applause as every member at the Club – past, present and likely future - has been touched by the work Rick has done on our current and new website.  I think all of us have probably…

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