Premier Squash League

Premier Squash League 9.0

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Pos. Name Pts. Against Where & When Pts
1 Thompson 24 Kiani 7:00pm Evergreen Squash Club 14
2 Yendell 23 Latremo 8:30pm Evergreen Squash Club 9
3 Todd 17 Maxwell 7:00pm Evergreen Squash Club 8
4 Maxwell 13 Todd 7:00pm Evergreen Squash Club 9
5 Bergman 12 7:00pm BYE
6 Kiani 9 Thompson 7:00pm Evergreen Squash Club 5
7 Latremo 6 Yendell 8:30pm Evergreen Squash Club 6
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Sanctioned League

Premier Squash League is sanctioned by Squash BC.
League Organizer(s)

Morgan Latremouille

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Grant Bergman

Surrey, British Columbia, CA